Top Music Streaming Apps

Music streaming has increased immensely since its beginning and is now among the best methods to listen to music. A lot of streaming services allow you to listen for free of cost, which has aided curb the requirement for piracy, whereas artists still find at least a little bit for their job. It’s also simply reachable with loads of choices. If you’re in the look for to stream some music, here are the top music streaming apps and music streaming facility for Android!

Are you feeling beset by the lots of music streaming apps available? You’re not alone. Whereas lots of the streaming music services may look identical to the others at the beginning, there are a lot of fine differences which here details in this post. Just as with dating sites and hookup apps there are many that all claim to be the best fuckbook app. But, when it comes down to it the top hookup apps are the same usual suspects. The same goes with music apps. Don’t spend your cash just anywhere, read through this post to discover the top music streaming apps.


Spotify is the present king of streaming music, with 36 percent of the marketplace (over 83 million subscribers international). Spotify did an unusual IPO in 2018 and, at the time of this writing, is down significantly from their whole time high of $198.99.

Pretty similar to its desktop form, the mobile app lets customers to single-stream tracks and put jointly selected albums to make custom playlists. Its free account delivers simple Shuffle Play, whereas its paid contribution ($10 a month) allows you to play any kind of song, listen when you also offline, and go ad-free.

Google Play Music

Since Google Play Music will quickly be mix into the YouTube Music app, it is probably to think that it is pointless to use the app. Though, Google supports Play music; customers will ensure their playlists will be transferred at the time of transition into the YouTube Music app. At current, the app delivers you the just-right access to song collection on the cloud and from the site and podcasts.

Apple Music

Apple’s first-ever music streaming service, Apple Music, delivers full access to any song stored in its music library. The app is pleasing to the eye and smartly designed and easily available for both Android and iOS customers.

Not only does it present a generous catalog of 45 million songs, but Apple music also has features of tradition playlists, radio shows, and lot of surprises. This is a paid application that rate $5 a month for a student sub, and its usual subscription begins from $10 a month, with the family choice being accessible at $15. 


iHeartRadio is a long-time preferred. It is among the top when it comes to formed playlists and radio stations. The facility also possessed a premium on-demand songs service with loads of tracks. That delivers it a potent one-two punch. Its radio choices are far better than most challengers. It’s candidly not a bad means to go, although a lot of competitors have a better on-demand choice. iHeartRadio will all the time be a winner of the free radio station marketplace, though.

Amazon Music

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, entered the marketplace of music streaming services a little late though it is acknowledged that the application delivers excellent familiarity. Users get to have a few free songs and get access to its Cloud Player Library that contains uploaded in addition to the songs. The complete library can be available only with Amazon Music Unlimited at $10 a month.


Pandora is one of the best music streaming apps, & is the corporation that continues the music genome project. Pandora’s music search options are supreme and have numerous options to let you discover & stream unlimited music on demand.


SoundCloud is a tremendously popular music streaming service. It’s helpful for indie creators all over the globe. Tons of individuals upload their stuff to Sound Cloud for the enjoyment of others. SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud’s on-demand service, adds loads of millions of well-liked tracks to the mix. 

The overall is over 150 million existing tracks for $9.99 per month. That’s the second biggest collection of music (Google Play Music and YouTube Red together officially have more). This is a grand spot for finding indie stuff that no one else recognizes about. Moreover, the service comprises the usual stuff like playlists, stations, and other finding features.

What Are Streaming Farms?

In the recent day, the fresh concept which is produced for taking advantage of streaming the platforms like Spotify is called a streaming farm. It is similar concept of click farms where workers and robots in an artificial manner inflate the metrics of social media like follows a like. It will affect the number of songs listens all the time. The actual amazing point about streaming farms is that if you understand the operating pattern, then you can simply create them. Many of them became interested in making a streaming farm which has simulated fake listeners in thousands. It can simply and easily do on streaming service Spotify. It is easier to discover some websites which offer listens in thousand at cheap cost. If you search thoroughly, you might also find a robot which can record the fake listens.

You can earn money through streaming farms for each of the fake listen they acquire yet impacts the other things range. If a song has certain listeners then it can make it into trending and prominent playlists for attracting many listeners who are genuine. Also, if a song acquires enough stream then it could be shown in top of the charts as most of the organizations count listeners of Spotify as purchases. As the streaming farms are easier to create and rent their occurrence impacts Spotify and its profits in a great way. After knowing the secret many of them are making cash, getting traction on songs, and increasing their visibility to become prominent. These schemes are also not limited to streaming. Click farms as they are called are used defraud everything from social media apps and Milf dating sites to online polls and huge search engines.

How streaming farms are affecting Spotify

Based on the things said by the streaming farm creator, the individual earning about thirty dollars a day from fake listens to his song played in the Spotify music streaming service. It might not sound like anything is special but it was from a farm of low scale and profits enhanced in a massive way as it is turned into something larger.

Till now, the largest streaming fraud instance happened in the year 2017 as it produced fraudulent payouts of one million. The worst scenario is that Spotify has turned to make sure money of advertisers isn’t stolen by any of the fake listeners. Later the one who did fraud is said to believe to have a Spotify premium accounts of 1200 to listen the tracks of 467 on repeat of the song. Over seventy-two million listens have equated the money in large amount per each month.

Without having any methods of detection, the listens which are fake on Spotify turned into bigger market and company is losing advertisers in millions per year. In an article it is mentioned that fake stream can cost artists to lose over three hundred million per each of the year.

Not only fraudsters that are taking Spotify system advantage but some common bands are also taking the advantage of Spotify with authorization. One of such band made about twenty thousand dollars from a silent album as they launched it for raising cash for them to go on a tour or trip for displaying their talent. They launched an album of five minutes that contains ten songs which are of 31 to 32 seconds. Every song was silent and they encourage their fans for listening it on spotify streaming service. They made about twenty thousand dollars even before it was eliminated by spotify. Even though the band didn’t utilize any kinds of robots or streaming farms still took spotify’s system advantage for making cash. One or the other way most of the artists created streaming farms to earn money for fake streams on this streaming service. Streaming fraud has drawn international media attention.

How Streaming Farms Work

The streaming farms are created on a streaming service to perform fake streams of a song. Actual physical robots are not required for opening one or various instances of the app of steaming service. The they make a song playlist in a query and loop the playlist in a constant way. Many of the normal bands have been created or produced streaming farms for fake listens of their song and earned lots of cash.

If an artist produces an album, they inform it to their fans to listen it on a streaming service like Spotify. But in the recent days, few common artists are creating a playlist of their songs and making streaming farm. Such that it lets a fan to fake listen. This can make the songs of artists to get streamed for millions of time which brings them cash in abundance. This is not the correct function or doing of an artist for making fake streams of fake listens of their songs. For this reason, many of the loops of security are provided so you need to carefully stream fakely without getting caught in any of these loops.

Thus, this is the way a streaming farm work and affects the streaming service like Spotify in a thought of making money by an artist

Understanding TikTok

TikTok is the famous application which is a social network app for making fifteen seconds videos with special effects. These are mostly user generated videos which are home made where most of the individuals lip sync to prominent songs. Many of the teenagers are insane to use this application. The individuals can make and upload their personal videos for songs which they lip sync, talk, dance, or sing. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, in the same way TikTok has its pros and cons. Using this application too much will lead to addiction and some other problems too. Let’s discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of TikTok application.

Pros & Cons Of TikTok

TikTok provides a wide variety of advantages to its user. A few of them are:

Publicity Instantly

Most of the individuals would love to become popular. TikTok is the platform which offers the individuals who wanted to become prominent without having any personal skills or talents. TikTok application enables each common man to create fifteen seconds of interesting music and acquire the publicity in their society. You don’t need any kind of unique tools or devices to make videos that are superb. This application performs each and everything for you that the content that you make has the power to user’s engagement and makes it viral over the internet.

Entertainment in Wholesome

The main benefit of this app is that it works as the entertainment in great form. Using this TikTok application, the people can dance, extend their network of friends, and polish their skills which are creative. TikTok app ensures a community of video sharing which is raw, real, and without having any boundaries. This application’s developers claim it to be matching for the individuals who are older than 12 and age 12.


You can utilize this application as the market platform of affiliate by putting it in your profile page link. The one who clicks on your link and buy something, then you can acquire a cut of commission.


When you create your TikTok videos, you can make it a portfolio which might be useful for your future profession. As you upload your skills through videos, you can acquire a following. If all of the people see your profile then you slowly become famous. For an instance, if a dance agency owner sees your dance in the video then you can be given chance to join them.


Many people are using TikTok application where they create small videos and provide for their followers. They will receive comments and likes to be prominent by this application. It is a satisfying and best app which is easy to use and free app. There is a presence of wide range of music at the background and individuals enact based on the music coming in this app video.

Thus, it has a lot of benefits which are observed and seen, when you use the tiktok by yourself.

Disadvantages of TikTok

Time waste

TikTok app is an app which wastes your precious time. As people without being aware spend so much time to create music videos for entertainment and to become popular. But the time they use in making the videos, when utilized in learning any new expertise or gaining knowledge can prove to be more meaningful and in the future, it is beneficial to the user.

Causes nuisance

Even though the developers of this application made it for fun and entertainment. It turned into a society annoyance application. It became a need for each and every teenager and made them depend on it most of the times. Many of them got addicted to this application and it has created nuisance in the life of youth as it made to develop tension in parents. The use of this app continuously brought pain more than entertainment to the individuals.

Utilized as tool of harassment

Few individuals utilize this app as the platform for making fun of community, people, and religion. It became a tool that is fun and is harmful to people. It is used by most of the individuals to display others in the light of bad.

Content is inadequate

Parents think and are worried that TikTok application has inadequate content which is not best to see and use for their kids.

Top Music Production Software

music production software

It is good that you have a great voice, and you sing pretty well or you have great songs waiting to be heard. But do you feel that just sending them like that or not making use of proper tools to present your music will help you? No, it will not at all help you, instead, you need to have good music production software to present it. Just recording software is not enough to present the music. One needs a proper music production software to make it possible for you to reach the top. If you do not have a proper system to present your music or your musical creativity, you might not be able to produce good music. There are two ways of producing music using software. One is where you will have a complete Digital Audio Workstations. It is generally used for producing complex music, the one which requires the complete system. And the other way is to produce music using music production software and your laptop. When using the second method, you will only need the best music production software and a laptop that can support music production software.

Here, we will talk about some of the top music production software only which you can use for producing music. But before that, you should know about how to choose the best and the top music production software for yourself. So, here are the few things which you need to check to decide which music production software is suitable for you.

  • Check your need – Know whether the music which you have to produce is complex and you need a complex music software for that or a simple one. In most of the software which is used for producing complex music, there are more functions. But they are costly also. So, choose according to your requirements and need.
  • Check your budget – Before you go for buying any music production software, check your budget. So that you can only buy a music production software that comes in your budget. A few free music production software is also available online. You can give them a try if you feel that you do not have enough budget to get one that is suitable for your needs. This way, you will be able to save more to buy the one which you need. While there are free options the top of the line software suites are not cheap so you may need to drop that dating app membership and find a free backpage replacement site to find local hookups.
  • Check if the software is compatible with your operating system or not – If you already have a laptop and you are using an operating system on it, then you should always check the software compatibility. Checking the software compatibility helps you in buying the right software. Like if you have MAC operating system and you end up buying software which is only compatible with Windows, then you will face a problem. So, we suggest you check the software and operating system compatibility.

Some Top Music Production Software

Now, as we have already shared the tips for buying the best music production software. Let’s know about some of the top music production software.

  • Ableton Live 10 – If you are looking for a music production software that has pro tools, then Ableton Live 10 is the best software for you. Whether you are an up-coming artist, a beatmaker, or an experienced artist, it suits all. It is said that if you want the right standard for EDM, hip-hop beats, and DJs, make use of Ableton Live 10. It comes in three different versions. One is the lighter version, the second one is the cheaper intro version, and the third one is the standard edition. The standard edition comes with a complete suite which means it has almost all the sounds and plugins which one needs. You can also use a free trial version of Ableton Live 10. The good part is that it is supported by both MAC and Windows operating systems.
  • Pro Tools 12 – Talking about this music production software, so you should know that it is not just being named Pro but it is pro. Most of the professionals these days make use of this software only. If you are searching for a music production software that has all the features and overall qualities, then you should go for Pro Tools 12. This software also comes with different versions and different plans like an entry-level plan, an overkill version, and a mid-tier plan. According to different plans, the capability of recording the number of tracks also varies. The software comes with different plugins and different software instruments that are helpful in producing the music. You can choose any of the versions of the software that works well for you. It is compatible with both MacBook and Windows.
  • Apple GarageBand – We are suggesting this Apple software for producing music because it is quite affordable. There is many Apple software for producing music including this one. It is continuously being improved to produce great sound and music, and it is successfully doing it. You can produce different sounds with the help of this software as it has a vast sound library. You get to have a lot of sounds and a lot of instruments also. If you are using a music producing software for the first time, do not worry at all. Apple GarageBand does help in teaching one how to make use of different sounds, instruments, tuners, etc. It has around 40 lessons that can help you in learning a lot of things, including basics also. It only works with Mac.
  • Acid Music Studio 10 – Another popular name among the different music producing software. Firstly, Sony-owned this software, but later on, they sold it. Then another name came in front who purchased this audio producing software, was Magix. After the purchase, Magix tried to uplift this music software brand. If you are budget conscious, you should go with this software. It has some great features for beginners. Unlimited audio tracks recording can be done using this software. With this software, you can easily export the music or audio files in different formats like FLAC files, Wav, mp3, and others. You can get the Pro version of this music producing software.

What is SoundCloud?


Do you love listening to music or audio tracks? If yes, then you would have heard about the SoundCloud. No, it is not like those music apps where you have to pay a premium or some price to listen to music. But it is an open platform for audio in all over the world. It is said to be the largest platform for the audio where you will find the song or music creators, curators, and the listeners also. There is a complete community where people keep adding different music and songs from different parts of the world. You will get to listen to a variety of songs or music on SoundCloud. The surprising fact is that it is not a very old music sharing platform, as the idea of SoundCloud came in the year 2007 only. Eric Wahlforss, a recording artist and Alexander Ljung, came with the idea od SoundCloud and it was designed by them only.

Most of the music apps which you download on your smartphone or the website where you hear the music, only allow you to listen to the music or song. But SoundCloud not just allows you to listen to music or songs but it also allows one to add their songs on the website. People can even add their complete song album on the SoundCloud. So far, SoundCloud is being used in around 190 countries. From the popular music tracks to its different versions, unplugged, etc, you get to hear all of them on SoundCloud. It has more than 190 million tracks available on it. It is popular among both listeners and creators in different countries.

Some people also consider SoundCloud as a social network platform for sharing audio tracks. Just like Instagram came with the idea of sharing pictures and later on became a social network platform. In a similar way, SoundCloud is also an audio sharing platform along with a social network platform. You can even like the music or audio and can save it in your playlist. If you want to share your playlist with other people, you can do it or you can keep it locked too.

How To Use SoundCloud

SoundCloud can be used easily, as it is available online. One can either open the website of SoundCloud on any of the web browsers and can create their account on it. Or they can download the application of SoundCloud from the App Store or Play Store and can install it on their smartphones. Once you have made an account on SoundCloud, you can start browsing the music or the audio you want to listen to. You can make a playlist of the songs that you like on the SoundCloud. SoundCloud does provide one with the facility of making a playlist of their own online only. You can even leave the comments or can appreciate the song by writing about them. Just like you leave the comments for the pictures you like on Instagram, in a similar way, you can comment on the SoundCloud too for different songs which you like. If you are a song or audio creator, you can also make use of the SoundCloud platform to upload your audio tracks which you have created by yourself. There can be the songs which you have sung or the songs with a remix or unplugged versions, etc.

Another interesting thing about SoundCloud is that you can search using different ways. Like you can search using song tags, singer name, playlist, song name, username who added the song, or group name. You will get different filtering options for searching on SoundCloud. As we mentioned above that it is also a kind of social networking site, so you can even join different audio groups for listening to the songs of your choice, you can even share songs of your choice with the members of the group. You can even encourage any budding singer on the group by sharing their songs.

Do not forget to add your information on SoundCloud. Just like you make your profile on Instagram or Facebook, SoundCloud also provides you space where you can share some information about yourself. You can add your profile picture also. And now, we do have an interesting feature on the SoundCloud, that you can share the link of the songs available on the SoundCloud on Instagram also. Now, what else do you need when you have such interesting features available on an open audio platform.

There are many reasons which we can give to you for using SoundCloud. Like you can use SoundCloud for sharing your own created and curated music. You can make customize playlists for listening to songs according to different moods and occasions. And the best one is that you can easily share songs with each other with the help of SoundCloud.