What Are Streaming Farms?

In the recent day, the fresh concept which is produced for taking advantage of streaming the platforms like Spotify is called a streaming farm. It is similar concept of click farms where workers and robots in an artificial manner inflate the metrics of social media like follows a like. It will affect the number of songs listens all the time. The actual amazing point about streaming farms is that if you understand the operating pattern, then you can simply create them. Many of them became interested in making a streaming farm which has simulated fake listeners in thousands. It can simply and easily do on streaming service Spotify. It is easier to discover some websites which offer listens in thousand at cheap cost. If you search thoroughly, you might also find a robot which can record the fake listens.

You can earn money through streaming farms for each of the fake listen they acquire yet impacts the other things range. If a song has certain listeners then it can make it into trending and prominent playlists for attracting many listeners who are genuine. Also, if a song acquires enough stream then it could be shown in top of the charts as most of the organizations count listeners of Spotify as purchases. As the streaming farms are easier to create and rent their occurrence impacts Spotify and its profits in a great way. After knowing the secret many of them are making cash, getting traction on songs, and increasing their visibility to become prominent. These schemes are also not limited to streaming. Click farms as they are called are used defraud everything from social media apps and Milf dating sites to online polls and huge search engines.

How streaming farms are affecting Spotify

Based on the things said by the streaming farm creator, the individual earning about thirty dollars a day from fake listens to his song played in the Spotify music streaming service. It might not sound like anything is special but it was from a farm of low scale and profits enhanced in a massive way as it is turned into something larger.

Till now, the largest streaming fraud instance happened in the year 2017 as it produced fraudulent payouts of one million. The worst scenario is that Spotify has turned to make sure money of advertisers isn’t stolen by any of the fake listeners. Later the one who did fraud is said to believe to have a Spotify premium accounts of 1200 to listen the tracks of 467 on repeat of the song. Over seventy-two million listens have equated the money in large amount per each month.

Without having any methods of detection, the listens which are fake on Spotify turned into bigger market and company is losing advertisers in millions per year. In an article it is mentioned that fake stream can cost artists to lose over three hundred million per each of the year.

Not only fraudsters that are taking Spotify system advantage but some common bands are also taking the advantage of Spotify with authorization. One of such band made about twenty thousand dollars from a silent album as they launched it for raising cash for them to go on a tour or trip for displaying their talent. They launched an album of five minutes that contains ten songs which are of 31 to 32 seconds. Every song was silent and they encourage their fans for listening it on spotify streaming service. They made about twenty thousand dollars even before it was eliminated by spotify. Even though the band didn’t utilize any kinds of robots or streaming farms still took spotify’s system advantage for making cash. One or the other way most of the artists created streaming farms to earn money for fake streams on this streaming service. Streaming fraud has drawn international media attention.

How Streaming Farms Work

The streaming farms are created on a streaming service to perform fake streams of a song. Actual physical robots are not required for opening one or various instances of the app of steaming service. The they make a song playlist in a query and loop the playlist in a constant way. Many of the normal bands have been created or produced streaming farms for fake listens of their song and earned lots of cash.

If an artist produces an album, they inform it to their fans to listen it on a streaming service like Spotify. But in the recent days, few common artists are creating a playlist of their songs and making streaming farm. Such that it lets a fan to fake listen. This can make the songs of artists to get streamed for millions of time which brings them cash in abundance. This is not the correct function or doing of an artist for making fake streams of fake listens of their songs. For this reason, many of the loops of security are provided so you need to carefully stream fakely without getting caught in any of these loops.

Thus, this is the way a streaming farm work and affects the streaming service like Spotify in a thought of making money by an artist